Annual Report 2019

17 марта

It’s hard to believe, but 5 years now, our kids with severe developmental disabilities having no families have been living in St. Sophia social house — our The Domik!

5 years is not that long. But for every resident of The Domik — it’s pretty much a whole life. 

During that time, children became completely different, each of them made a huge progress in development and learned things we didn’t even dare to dream about 5 years ago.

The Domik is a non-governmental project which exists with the help of caring people. Last year, 3,949 private individuals made donations to The Domik, 124 people signed up for regular donations, and 52 organizations supported the children with free goods and services. It’s priceless!

One of the principles of our The Domik is that every child has an own significant adult, who spends a lot of time with them, understands, helps and supports. We pay great attention to education, development and socialization of the children — which is a very important contribution to their future. Therefore, today the expenses of The Domik for children are distributed as follows:

60% — salaries of tutors, assistants and other specialists (motor therapist, specialists, doctor, teachers, cooks, technical personnel, etc.),

20% — taxes,

12% — training and development,

5% — nutrition,

2% — medicine,

1% — consumables (clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.).

With all our heart we thank everyone who contributed to the history of The Domik, and we provide to your attention the report for 2019