Life in a wheelchair - free and without pain

13 апреля

How can you get close to the sink if your wheelchair is old, does not lean down and your legs abut against the sink? There is no way you can do it. You won’t be able to reach the tap. You can only dream of such simple pleasure as to put your hands in the sink and wash them with water.

Tonya’s wheelchair is broken. It is impossible to recline the headrest when sitting down, it is difficult to get into it and it cannot be adjusted.

Unfortunately, Tonya can’t go around without the wheelchair. Without it, she would be bound to bed as she used to before 2015 when Tonya, being an orphan, used to live in a state orphanage, where she was even fed lying. 

Without the wheelchair, she can’t sit: she can’t hold her back and her head falls over. The wheelchair is her corset and legs. But the old wheelchair bought for her in 2015 is out of date now. It is small and dangerous to some extent because of being defective. 

We initiated a fundraising on the portal to purchase a new wheelchair for Tonya, which is so necessary for her. 

The cost of a special X-panda wheelchair of the required size with supports and additional accessories is 404,932 rubles. 

You can give life comfortable, free and painless by supporting the fundraising at the link