The Domik is always open for volunteers – different and beautiful! We are looking forward to those who are ready to become true friends to our kids and maintain a long-time relationship. You may also find many other ways of co-ordination with us, if you want to help, but don’t have an opportunity to participate in children’s life on a permanent basis.

What kind of help we need?

Become a friend

Our fosterlings need constant help from adults, so we need friends volunteers who can accompany the children during walks around the territory of The Domik and during trips aimed at socialization and adaptation (to theaters, museums, shops, etc.), take part in their life within the group.

Drivers volunteers

Most of our kids experience difficulties travelling on long distances, so our every trip outside The Domik turns into a real challenge. In that case, we need volunteers with cars.

Intelligent volunteers

We always welcome partial people, ready to share their useful knowledge with us and help The Domik by consulting in the field of their professional expertise.

Organization help

We often hold different holidays in The Domik, and we also take part in charity fairs and other interesting events, in which we need help of original and creative people.

Information assistance

We need information support, in order for as many people as possible to learn about us. Tell your friends about The Domik, subscribe and be active on our social media pages: likes, reposts and good comments are welcomed!

Organizing holidays and workshops

Any interaction with people helps our kids to develop, especially if those are game interaction. We love live music, communication with animals, we like cooking, singing, drawing, and are ready for any other safe activities.

It is very important for your help to be regular

It is worth assessing your capabilities in advance and determine how much time you will be able to devote to The Domik

How to become a volunteer

If you want to become a volunteer of the The Domik and help our kids on a permanent basis, please, provide your contact details by clicking “Become a volunteer’ button and attend a meeting of new volunteers at the church of the saint blessed czarevitch Dimitry (bld.12, 8, Leninsky prospect, Moscow) to have an interview with a project coordinator and a priest.

If you want to help one-time, please, provide your contact details by clicking “Become a volunteer” button and briefly describe your help proposal.

For more information, please e-mail at info@domik.today or contact the Volunteers’ Coordinator, Dora, at +7 926 553 61 45

Become a volunteer

Join our friendly team. We can do more together!

Our volunteers

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about helping The Domik, please contact us at info@domik.today