Help special children become one step close to life without pain

30 марта

Perhaps each of us has encountered a disease and knows how scary it is to experience pain and physical discomfort every day. At a moment like this, time seems to stop, the world around us arouses no interest and life passes by. Only hope of swift recovery rescues an ordinary person in such a situation. But what if there is no hope?

All children living in The Domik have multiple severe developmental disorders resulting in the expression of various unpleasant symptoms accompanying our students throughout their lives.

For the children to be able to face the future without fear, live a full life, develop and discover the world, they need regular intake of supporting prescription medicines and use of disposable medical devices worth in total about 1,500 rubles per day, that is around 40,000-45,000 rubles per month and more than 500,000 rubles per year.

Due to financial difficulties The Domik is involved in today, there may come a moment when we simply will not be able to buy the necessary supplies. We can’t be having that! That is why we turn to you for help: do not remain indifferent, help our special children to take one step closer to life without pain. Together we can do a lot!

Make a one-time donation or sign up for regular help of any amount comfortable for you with your credit card at

Every 200 rubles is one catheter for Syoma, who needs three catheterizations daily.

300 rubles is the cost of medicine helping Fedia with his digestion.

500 rubles is a package of medicine activating Tonya’s intestinal.

All funds raised from March 30, 2020 until April 5, 2020 will be used to purchase the necessary medicines and disposable items for the children. It is never too late to do good things. Join our action today and give special children a piece of your heart.